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Mapiel France

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Mapiel reinvents the classic liniment formula with this hydrating body cream that can be used by the whole family. This hypoallergenic lotion cleanses, hydrates, and protects even the most sensitive skins, leaving a soft honey-flavoured scent on the skin.


Mapiel liniment’s texture is somewhere between an oil and a hydrating milk. It moisturizes damaged and cracked hands, calms and relieves irritation and dryness, while also soothing cradle crap, and relieving mild insect bites.

The liniment is made from plant-based oils, specifically suitable for sensitive skin. Avocado oil is rich in fatty and omega-3 acids, potassium lecithin, and vitamins A, D, and E which hydrate, soften and soothe sensitive, irritated or tired skin. Acai oil is full of essential fatty acids and vitamins. This precious oil is obtained by cold pressing acai berries, known as a "superfruit" for their high concentration in antioxidants. Due to its high polyphenol content it is highly valued for its regenerative properties. Finally, manuka honey is known to remove bacteria, and stimulate the skin's epidermic tissue. It also has healing and regenerative properties.

100 ml