Jeanne Le Studio

Jeanne Le Studio was invented and founded in the middle of the COVID19-crisis - May 2020. I was temporarily unemployed, being at home with my 3 daughters. The world slowed down.

Slow life was a great gift for me. Ever since I was little, I longed for a slower pace of life. So that I had time to loose myself in the beauty of everyday things. Thanks to this crisis, I received precious time and freedom to work with my hands, combined with mindful motherhood.

Because I didn't found for Julia (my youngest) what I was looking for. I took a critical look at the current fast-fashion and the screaming colors and prints for babies. I decided I could do better. Choose more timeless items of beautiful organic quality and sew them myself. 

My unique handmade assortment blends perfectly into an adult interior so you can leave it lying around and enjoy it for a very long time. That is actually what we all want the most?

X  Jeanne

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3 products

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