Merely Me is a brand of chosen baby and toddler apparel and accessories. 

I am Kristy, an entrepreneurial stay at home Mom with a vision for unique style, and a passion for success. 

I started my vision for the company Merely Me after having our daughter in 2019 and purchasing clothing and accessories from small business vendors myself, to allow our little one to have a unique and individual baby style of clothing. As a Mom who is very conscious of quality and durability when it comes to our daughters clothing and accessories, I set out on a mission to provide these products for others that I so greatly recommend.   

Merely Me is a company that cares a great deal about ECO friendly sustainability and natural organic materials in the sale of our products. We look to sell natural organic and quality childrens-wear. As well as package our shipments in Environmentally friendly materials. 

Merely me is a brand that focuses on Classic natural and unique individual style with a modern twist. We want your child to wear clothing that expresses their individuality, strength, and personal style. 

We want every baby and child to wear quality apparel that is ethical and safe.

We want them to be "Merely" themselves.